Everything Is Cheesecake

"If you dream it, you will see it. If you believe it, you will achieve it"

Our Story

everything is cheesecake pink tent

“It was all a dream… Literally!!”

Sitting at my desk while working full time as a custom service representative for a Fortune 500 company I would often daydream about quitting my stressful job to pursue my passion of baking!

On the weekends after work I would pitch a small pink tent and sell cheesecakes by the slice. months of doing that I realized that I might be on to something big. After many failed attempts, family and friends honest feedback, I finally got it right and created the best cheesecake on the planet.  About a year later I decided to step out on faith and in 2018 I resigned from my job, bought a food truck and dove head first into abyss of full time entrepreneurship!

everything is cheesecake food truck

Our First Store!

Finally I hit one of my major goals, In May 2022 I opened my first bakery in Lansing Michigan!! Me and my family worked for over a year during the pandemic to make sure we created a nice and clean storefront for all customers to come into.

Although we have made this huge accomplishment, we still have plans to grow even more and expand to other cities and states selling the greatest cheesecakes and changing the world one slice at a time.

Our Vision

deanna brown everything is cheesecake

The vision from the start was to implement many creative cheesecake flavors for our customers to enjoy such as our Strawberry Shortcake Crunch Cheesecake and Death By Chocolate.

We pride ourselves in knowing that our unique cheesecake flavors and crust options   are one of a kind. Although we specialize in over 25 various cheesecake flavors (some topped with cake, pudding, cobbler) we are forever introducing something “new”, so stay tuned to see what we’ll create next!!

Each Week our menu rotates to give you 7-8 different flavors for you to taste and enjoy!